Cigar Golf Club by Plasencia offers 5 premium handmade cigars made in Nicaragua with a variety of aged tobacco blends which offer a very smooth and satisfying smoking experience. Our cigars are excellent for a smoke on or off of the golf course offering diverse options for the golfer or the regular cigar smoker.


Since 1865, the Plasencia Family has been finessing the art of tobacco growth and craftsmanship. From the rich fields of Cuba to the sun-kissed soils of the Nicaraguan and Honduran countrysides, they have tilled the land to create the finest handmade cigars – from the earth to the heavens.


Join our monthly club and be part of the experience.  Receive a monthly Cigar Golf Club box with our five premium handmade cigars: The Fairway, The Green, Eighteen, The Driver and the Wedge.  Our cigars come in a beautiful 5 cigar box and will be delivered directly yo your home every month.